OJO Home is the first truly conversational assistant using the power of AI to facilitate the home transaction experience.


Make AI Friendly, Easy and Accessible to Home Buyers, Sellers, and Realtors

You already text don’t you? OJO Home is the next step in incorporating smart AI within the real estate market space. The goal was to convey the ease of using OJO Home with something as important as conducting a home search—one of the most important of life’s decisions. We wanted to create a clean, modern and approachable site that would appeal to those open and inclined to use new technologies rather than old institutional ones when it came to their home search. While home-buying is a serious endeavor, it certainly doesn’t have to be antiquated when you can combine the latest AI tech with the ubiquity of SMS and gain immediate insight when and where it matters most.


Provided expertise in marketing and visual design while integrating with established visual and brand design elements.

I created visual design concepts for OJO Home with some initial direction from the Creative Director, which incorporated light, bright color with crisp, intimate, and sometimes quirky lifestyle photography centered around family, home, and relationships—while framing with clean white space and focused CTAs. A few of the images and illustration assets were already existing brand elements, so I paired them with complementary sets of images to fully realize the following concepts. Three different colorways were explored to provide a range of aesthetic options: minimal, blue dominant, and vivid multi-color.


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