A Virginia native who took a California detour, and found home in Texas.

A traveler to cold and remote places, and of epic cross-country journeys—most recently by train. I’m this close to having visited all 50 states. A lover and collector of art and curious creatures.

I’m an INFP and a fully dedicated introvert—except when I’m not.



I possess years of creative experience, including brand, marketing and product design for a wide range of industries, mediums, and applications. 

My focus has been hands-on, at the convergence of brand and product design. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with and contribute to the transformation and growth of start-ups and mid-stage companies as part of a small, diverse and driven team. My past life was in print and publication design; however, my interests and experience lie squarely in the realm of product design, these days.

I am a pragmatic utility player who’s learned not to be obsessed with pixel-perfection… until it matters. But rather stay focused on working fast and lean, so the runway doesn’t run out before we can make lift-off. Continually driving a project forward is what I do best—they don’t call me Murdercat* for nothing…

Most of all, I love to be deeply immersed in challenging, complicated, and rewarding projects working within a similarly dedicated team. 🖤


* don’t worry, I love cats