A Virginia native who took a California detour, and found home in Texas.

A traveler to cold and remote places, and of epic cross-country journeys—most recently by train. I’m this close to having visited all 50 states. A lover and collector of art and curious creatures.

I’m an INFP and a fully dedicated introvert—except when I’m not.



My focus has been hands-on at the convergence of brand and product design. 

As part of a small, diverse, and driven team, I’ve had the opportunity to be a key contributor in elevating countless companies in the pursuit of building successful brands and digital products. We’ve built start-ups from the ground up to transforming mid-stage companies seeking innovation and growth.

My past life was in print and publication design; however, my interests and experience lie squarely in the realm of product design, these days. Needless to say, I can easily straddle both worlds.

Most of all, I love to be deeply immersed in challenging, complicated, and rewarding projects working within a similarly dedicated team. 🖤



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