Preciate is a mobile app that allows you to build relationships by giving and receiving recognition, creating a record of your accomplishments.


Build a Work-Related Social Mobile App from Square One

Ever receive accolades at work for a job well done, but no one knows about it? In a world where employment is far more fluid than a generation ago, the opportunity became clear to have a portable and verifiable record of accomplishments, building a career story as told by others. A recognition ecosystem that allows individuals to establish more meaningful relationships leads to happier employees and stronger teams. And you can take it with you…


Provided strategy and expertise in areas of mobile app product design, UI/UX, visual, marketing, and publication design while integrating with established visual and brand design elements.

I worked on designing iOS mobile app user flows and concepts with our team, and the Founder and CEO, Ed Stevens, and his team. Infusing the visual brand, created by other team members, and uncovering opportunities to encourage users to give and gain recognition, while earning Good Credits, was key.

I executed in weekly sprints with direction and feedback from the Product & Strategy Director, presented flows to the client for discussion and review, and then handed off to our Development Director and iOS Developer for the product build. I, as well as both teams, participated in regular and continuous bug testing and documentation to improve the fledgling app.


PR Newswire
Preciate, A New Recognition App, Launches to Help Professionals Build the Strongest Relationships on Earth

Dallas Innovates
Dallas-based App Lets You ‘Preciate’ Your Peers


Preciate on the App Store & Google Play

To the last, Sarah has given us every drop of her energy, creativity, and talent. Awesome comps today on the user insights.
— Ed Stevens, Founder & CEO of Preciate

Process & User FlowS

Launch Kit Materials

I created colorful print marketing materials for distribution to early test groups, as an introduction to the Preciate app. In addition, I created the visual brand, ticker symbol, brand style guidelines, and white paper for the GC Protocol, below.

Relational Good

Good Credits & the Goodwill Composite (GC) Protocol

Under the hood and behind the scenes, Preciate is the first app powered by the GC Protocol—a blockchain-based protocol and the new measure for Relational Good. The Recognition Ecosystem incorporates the GoCo token (GCT)—the currency with which node hosts and developers are compensated for value contributed to the Goodwill Composite (GC) Protocol. It’s a mouthful, I know.