A Little Bit of Everything…


Aside from my endeavors of the last many years... I’ve done sales, promotional and trade show design work for the powersports industry. Album cover art for the music industry. Publications for higher education, financial institutions and healthcare. Beauty and skincare industry launch materials, packaging and product photoshoots. Fashion & Lifestyle magazines and websites, snowboarding e-commerce sites, and shopping centers big and even bigger. Architecture, interior design, home goods and furniture. Even the occasional artist website. Some are defunct now but I worked on them many moons ago!

B2C, B2B, non-profit. Like I said, just a little bit of everything. Check out some of what I unearthed in the very entertaining wall below…

I’ve done a lot of different sh*t, actually... 💩
— Me, 2019

Fashion & Lifestyle


Beauty & Skincare

Interior Design & Homegoods


Music & Entertainment


Certainly some questionable design decisions, but at least I had fun and hopefully got a little better along the way. 🌈
— Me, 2019


Hey look! 👀

I found screenshots to an old portfolio site, as well as a few others…

Vertigo anyone? 🤪

I took this on the mad tea party teacups ride at Disneyland.

Square peg 🔲

Whoa. A square format Flash site? Hmmm… very questionable.

Kittykitsch.com 😻

I bought the domain name, never did anything with it, and let it go.
Now you can own the domain for a mere $895.