The Economic Development Department
develops and leads innovative programs that increase the prosperity of all Austinites.


Rebrand & Unify a City Government Organization with an Eye Towards the Future

The City of Austin’s Economic Development Department operated five distinct branches: Redevelopment, Global Business & Expansion, Small Business, Music & Entertainment, and Cultural Arts. These five separate entities implemented successful programs throughout Austin, but they did not always present a unified or consistent brand presence with their constituents and communities. In order to consolidate and refine all department communications and efforts under the Economic Development Department’s mission, a new strategic branding initiative was developed and established as a framework for future growth.


Provided strategy and expertise in areas of brand design, visual design, and publication design.

Encompassing the 3-tiered objective of Community, Businesses, and People, the Creative Director and I worked closely to explore multiple concepts for presentation. One of my designs, inspired by the angular, modern architecture of Austin City Hall as the basis for the abstract mark, was selected, and the final brand expression incorporated my concept with the Creative Director’s type and shape treatments, for which I created individual, unique patterns. I organized and executed the 300-page brand style guidelines as well as the creation of all logo assets and supporting visual graphic material, distributed to each of the six Economic Development departments for implementation.