An extensive year long engagement to redesign and develop new revenue streams for Stratfor, a Strategic Intelligence consultancy. The brand was fully redesigned along with a suite of new products in support of the core product, renamed World View. An elegant, publication-based design was implemented with improved site architecture, functionality and methods to navigate connected content.


– Lead and sole designer on the World View and Threat Lens digital products
– New responsive company marketing site design
– Developed Style Guide and a brand color system encompassing current and future product offerings
– Developed a new cover design for all paid Stratfor reports to tie into the new brand design
– Worked with internal and external stakeholders to problem-solve and provide design solutions to business requirements, goals and challenges
– Worked closely with our Creative Director in the early stages of visualizing new brand concepts
– Worked closely with our Product Director (now VP of Experience) throughout new product development concepts and roadmaps
– Worked closely with our Director of Development during hand-off to our development team