Design Thinking is Bullsh*t


Design Thinking is a methodology for creative problem-solving.


I’ll admit, that I have an acute aversion to buzzwords, and while I know ALL THE WORDS, you won’t hear me use them terribly often. Natasha Jen of Pentagram gave an interesting talk on the matter:

In contrast, a Medium article by Lee-Sean Huang arguing, “I think we can use Design Thinking as a hook to go from buzzword, to real talk and action to address the social and environmental problems that we face.” and “Design Thinking is a way to put empathy into practice. It teaches practitioners to try to understand of human needs as the basis of problem solving.” — okay, that’s fair. I do believe there is a time and a place for these ideas to exist. If the term design thinking and its methodology can be used as a vehicle to get a seat at the table, then so be it.

Design is hard. It can be messy, complicated, and difficult for sure. Thinking and iterating through problems, users, processes, and flows combine the analytical with the aspirational, hopefully to land somewhere at least in the middle if not better, and actually solve real challenges. I’m certainly passionate and compassionate about what I do and how I do it—I just try to avoid all the jargon whilst doing it. Fail fast and keep on innovatin’, y’all! 😜

Design Thinking may be bullsh*t, but it’s useful bullsh*t.
— Lee-Sean Huang, Foossa